Florists Short Stories Of Inspiration

:Florists Short Stories Of Inspiration
Florists Short Stories Of Inspiration

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“We are making bouquets with passion!”

“We bring spring freshness to your home!”

We often take for granted the beauty of this world: The flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds- even those we love, Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. 

We at Blooms surveyed florists all over the world and gathered top inspirational florists’ short stories. It was not an easy task, thank you to everyone who was participated in this. Just have a read at our short stories of inspiration and make your day peaceful and thoughtful. 

Here, listed are some of the short stories of inspiration by our florists. Just have a short read once to get motivated from the real stories. 

Flowers can’t solve all problems, but they are a great start!

Designer’s Choice by Harlins Renaissance- Shinese Harlins, Owner

This story was the real story of Shinese Harliins. She started her business when a choice had to be made without any other option in her life. She was laid off from her job and faced a situation with no money, no choices. So she took her savings and went to Phil Rulloda FLoral University and received her floral certificate. 

She felt that it was the best decision she had ever made. Being a florist allows her to use creativity inside her. She loves when a customer loved the outcome. She often says that “when the customers come back and say designers choice, my heart skip a beat!”

Flowers Touch Lives by Val Voigt- Detroit Lakes Floral

“A young man calls and would like to know price list on rose flowers. He is going to bring his love (Girl Friend) some flowers. He went to a floral shop nearby. He placed an order and pick up the roses. He was so excited and take some beautiful rose flowers to his girl. She was impressed. 

After a week, he calls again and places another order. He arrived at the flower shop. This time I asked him what is the name of this special girl? He just smiled and said the name of the girl and explained how they met. She loved the first order and so he wants to make a second order to surprise her again. He thanked me over and over again for our beautiful services. He said that he will come back soon in a few weeks to order more roses. 

So I love the floral business.” Said Val Voigt. 

He says that it touches the lives of people. We meet people and get the privilege of being a part of special occasions.

My Dream In Making- Cynthia Dearnbarger- Flourish Flowers & Gifts, Old Town, TX

It was the story of Cynthia Dearnbarger. “ Once upon a time, I dreamed of opening a floral shop. But I have forgotten the dream for a whole because so many things have taken priority over it. Recently I got my dream back and it came true. By the grace of God that specific great was brought back. 

Currently, I am in a process of opening a storefront. This building is under construction now and we are currently at the local market. We hope to bring life, love and hope to everyone who gets a floral arrangement. “

These are the top florist’s short stories of Inspiration. Keep reading our blog for more updated information about flowers. 

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